Take your understanding of yourSelf to a whole new level.

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Experience yourSelf with a greater sense of freedom, intelligence, and strength. When you’re in pain or ruled by fear of injury, your zest for life is limited. I want to ignite your curiosity and open you to really knowing what is best for your unique body. Through gathering together and having a shared experience, we build community and support one another on the path of learning. 

Guest Lectures

Dr. Mike makes anatomy fun, exciting, accessible and memorable. You will learn anatomy, movement patterns, common injuries and proper alignment from a functional point of view. You will also learn how to touch and see your students in an intelligent and compassionate way. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the human body, and an increased confidence when communicating with your students and other health professionals. These lectures range from 3-15 hours, and are incorporated into teacher trainings with highly sought after and respected yoga teachers nationally and internationally. 


The AnatomySense workshops are designed for everyone, not just yoga teachers. Dr. Mike encounters yoga students and patients who would love to know more about what is actually happening in their body when they practice yoga and other forms of movement, but are not necessarily interested in a full teacher training. These workshops are a wonderful way to learn the basics of anatomy, touch, and functional movement. His viewpoint comes from the realm of chiropractic where the balance of mobility and stability is paramount. His main intention is for you to feel yourself, fully present and engaged as you move and feel. Dr. Mike wants you to feel empowered through applied knowledge, so that you know what is best for your body.

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Teachers/Teacher Trainings Dr. Mike has taught with: Sianna Sherman, Kenny Graham, Ashleigh Sergeant, Meg McCraken, Les Leventhal, Tony Giuliano, Wanderlust, Daniella Contreau, Samantha Matthews, Stacey Rosenberg, Hannah Muse, Lululemon and Wanderlust.

"The material in this class has empowered me to feel like I have the tools to teach and practice yoga safely." Mel G.